Pictures from my Law School Graduation

More pictures added and typos fixed on Dec. 20, 2005
I have a few friends (who happen to also be some of the most faithful readers of this blog) who weren’t able to attend my graduation, so I’m posting this pictures I took for y’all to see. (sorry the quality of some of the pictures isn’t so hot, but my little digital camera doesn’t really well for using the flash, so I ended up with underexposed photos that I have to monkey with on the computer to get to look halfway decent.)
These two pictures I know are weird, but I took them on graduation morning out my back door at the big fluffy bunches of snow that were falling down (but mostly melting when they hit the ground since it was above freezing)

These next few shots are some “behind the scenes” pictures taken downstairs where all of the law grads and faculty were gathering. The last of these shots is taken upstairs right before we go in the chapel. The funny looking guys that you can’t see too well in that shot are from the Scottish bagpipers and drums that played at the ceremony (an OCU Law tradition).

This next bunch of shots are taken during the ceremony. The folks on the stage are from L-R, OCU Law Dean Hellman, OCU Law President McDaniel, and the commencement speaker (who I think is the President-elect of the Oklahoma Bar Association… I’ll have to add his name later).

Here’s a rather goofy-looking self-portrait of myself, taken from where I was sitting.

I don’t have pictures of myself getting hooded by my Dad (I couldn’t take pictures of myself, but hope to post one later if one of my family took a picture of it), but here’s some pictures of my classmates getting hooded (J.L. if you’re reading this, feel free to save the pictures of you getting hooded.)

Here’s the group walking out. The faculty are going first (one thing which is cool is seeing all of their multi-colored robes, from the schools they got their J.D.’s from)

These pictures are taken outside after the ceremony when the professional photographers are trying to get us all lined up for pictures (One thing I’m kicking myself for is that I didn’t get pictures of my family and friends afterwards — I was blessed to have Moses & Sadie (the pastor of my church and his wife) and Randy Smith (a faithful friend and Oklahoma Green Party co-worker there)

These last few shots are of my family at our after-graduation party at Cattlemen’s Steakhouse in OKC.

These last few shots are tiny little proofs that the graduation photography folks sent me (I hope they don’t shoot me for showing them here, but I am buying pictures from them so hopefully they won’t mind). The first shot is of us all walking in (I’m on the left hand side of the picture, right behind the professor in a red robe who is in front of me), while the next shot is of my Dad and I right after the hooding took place, and the final shot is of me getting the “diploma” from Dean Hellman (actually a really nice letter from the Dean).

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  1. Very cool, James. A hearty congratulations for all the hard work paying off!
    While I’m not convinced that we need more lawyers in this world, I do feel we can use more honorable ones.

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