Black Hog Brewing Co. – The Hop Collective, Batch 2 (Melba, Ekuanot)

My Rating:

  • Aroma: 17/20
  • Appearance: 19/20
  • Flavor: 20/20
  • Mouthfeel: 19/20
  • Overall: 19/20
  • Total Score: 94/100 Points

Bought in a 1 pint can at the Green Growler in Croton-on-Hudson, New York and carried back to Oklahoma via Amtrak — and refrigerated since then, except for the 2 days traveling on the train.

Tonight I’m enjoying this poured into a glass.

Very pretty hazy golden brew with a very nice evenly fluffy white head.

Subtle aroma, mostly of hops, but more strident flavor. Still very balanced. Some grassy, earthy, vegetal notes, just the right amount of maltiness, leaning towards the dry side. Spicy dry finish. Might a slight twinge of lemon and black pepper. Lots of herbal and aromatic hops, but not so much spuce-pine notes… really it is just different, hard to explain. Maybe some grapefruit and limes? These are some awesome hops (ekuanot and melba to be precise).

Super smooth mouthfeel. It must be the OATS that are included in the mashbill! 1

No overly bitter notes, so to me I would have categorized this as an APA instead of an IPA, but maybe I’ve been drinking too many unbalanced IPA’s lately.

This was a good one. I never knew Connecticut was the home of such great beer.