LOGO: Radio Habana Cuba

Radio Havana Cuba

  • QTH: Programming originates at Radio Havana Cuba’s studios in Havana. Shortwave transmissions air from transmitters in Havana, Bauta and Quivican. FM transmissions air from transmitters in Havana, Isle of Youth and Mayabeque.
  • Description: This is my favorite shortwave station, one with a socialist anti-imperial perspective when it comes to news and commentary, but which also broadcasts music and cultural programming from Cuba, as well as Africa, the Caribbean and other parts of the world. And there are also special segments including the Sports roundup, the “World of Stamps,” Arnie Coro’s “DX’ers Unlimited,” and the mailbag show.
  • Common frequencies/Modes:  5040, 6000, 6060, and 6165 are best at night in North America. Other frequencies include 9535, 9550, 9640, 9720, 11670, 11840, 11880, 11950, 13740, 15140, 15230, 15370 AM, FM transmissions in Cuba.
  • QSL Info: Reports can be sent to:

    Postal: Radio Havana Cuba, PO Box 6240, Havana, CUBA

    Telephone: 537-877-5524

    Email: radiohc@enet.cu, info@radiohc.cu, or radiohcenglish@gmail.com

    Note: Irma and everyone else at the RHC mailroom are very good at responding to QSL reports. RHC also often sends out stickers, postage stamps and other souvenirs to listeners. And best of all, RHC reads out listeners letters on the mailbag shows.

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