Radio Reception Logs

I will be posting (hopefully) on a weekly basis, pictures of my handwritten log entries for my radio reception. Most of it is Shortwave DX, but I also listen to some AM DX and VHF/UHF in FM.

Here is a key for the abbreviations I use i my logbooks…

  • UTC Date and Time: Date and Time in Coordinated Universal Time – note that for the pages 1-8 of my log, the dates are based on the date CDT (Central daylight time). But from page 9 onward, dates will be UTC.
  • CDT Time: Central daylight Time (my time here in Oklahoma)
  • RX LOC: Reception location (most often it will be home in far Northwest Oklahoma City)
  • RX Equip: This is the equipment I used to receive the transmision.
    • Eton: An Eton Traveler III Portable shortwave radio
    • Eton+: The Eton Traveler III with a long wire alligator-clipped to the factory antenna.
    • Bao: My Baofeng FM Dual-band transceiver
  • TX Station: Name of the station that the transmission originates from
  • TX LOC: Location of the transmitter
  • S-R: Signal report (I varied this some i early reports, but now I rate reception in this way…
    • 1: Completely un-readable
    • 1-2: Picking up an occasional word
    • 2: Barely readable, some words can be heard
    • 2-3: A little better
    • 3: Readable but with considerable difficulty
    • 3-4:┬áReadable with occasional difficulty
    • 4: Readable with only rare difficulty
    • 4-5: Very clear and readable
    • 5: Perfect, easy to understand
  • LANG: Language
  • Genre & Notes: Description of the broadcast