My Golf Bag / Key to codes used in my training logs

For all of my golf training logs, I use a rather cryptic set of codes, but the good news is that this code can be cracked — because for each shot recorded, I first give the abbreviation for the club, followed by an approximate number of yards in distance and then a direction indicator, with sometimes additional letters or symbols.

For example, if I hit my Cougar 8 Iron for about 70 yards and it went to the right, I would record that as C8I, 70R, but if I had bad luck and hit it only 20 yards and into a water hazard, I would record it as C8I 20H20. And if I hit a very good shot, say 120 yards straight onto the green, I would record it as C8I 120S*.


Current Clubs

For my training log I use a 3 character code for each club. Here is the current list of my clubs, but note that I do not necessarily carry all of these clubs in my bag on a given day.


Symbol/Code Meaning
 3DW  Delta 3 Wood, made of real wood, for a long time my favorite club.
 C1D  Cougar 1 Driver
 CT  Cougar Trouble Club
CHy  Cougar Hybrid
W6I Wilson 6 Iron
W7I Wilson 7 Iron
W8I Wilson 8 Iron
W9I Wilson 9 Iron
 CP Cougar Pitching Wedge
 ASW Alien Sand Wedge
MP Miracle Club set to Putter loft
MD1 Miracle Club set to Driver loft
M3 Miracle Club set to 3 Iron loft
M5 Miracle Club set to 5 Iron loft
M7 Miracle Club set to 7 Iron loft
M9 Miracle Club set to 9 Iron loft
M11 Miracle Club set to one notch past 9 (unmarked), which I’m calling an “11.” A wedge substitute.
P Putter – Since late July 2017, I’ve been using a Odyssey White Hot #5 Putter. I try to mark this one as OP, but I sometimes forget.

Past Clubs

Here is a list of clubs that I have used in the past but am not currently using:

Symbol/Code Meaning
 WSW Warrior Sand Wedge
 1WW  Wilson 1 Driver, made of real wood
 A3W  Address 3 Wood
 A5W  Address 5 Wood
 C6I Cougar 6 Iron
 C7I Cougar 7Iron
 C8I Cougar 8 Iron
 C9I Cougar 9 Iron
Putter Cougar Putter
 TrP Travel Putter

Other Codes used in my training logs


Symbol/Code Meaning
 S  Straight
 L  Left
 R  Right
 *  Great Shot!
 #  Too much power, overshot
 Ric  Ricochet
 FW  Fairway
 OOB  Out of Bounds
 H2O  Water
 P  Putt
 Pen.  Penalty