picture of e-bike loaded with cargo

Last week I bought an e-bike and so far I have been very pleased with this purchase.

The model I went with was the Ecotric Peace Dove, which was very affordable ($699) and so far has performed well. I had fairly low expectations for this bike (since it was 25% of the price of a higher end e-bike I test rode recently) but these expectations have been far exceeded. Battery life is good and it is very fast.

I am frankly convinced that e-bikes will be the primary transportation mode for young adults in the future — because in the sub-$1k range, a person is lucky to find a beater car and maybe pay for the tag on it, but with an e-bike you can buy a NEW ride. And then of course there’s the cost of insurance (none required for the e-bike) and fuel (no gas for the e-bike… I will have to see how much it affects our electric bill, but I don’t think it will be bad).

picture of James riding Ecotric Peace Dove Ebike in far NW OKC

Just for fun, here’s my riding log so far:

DateMileage……Time of day/Notes
2021-09-082.2Evening – first ride, but prior to installing front and back racks
2021-09-08 5.71Night – riding in neighborhood
2021-09-08 6.47Late Night – rode bike to What-a-burger drive through (Memorial and Macarthur) and back
2021-09-099.48Morning – Riding in neighborhood, stopped at Sonic along the way, played pokemon
2021-09-09 10.05Late night – Rode to Memorial and Macarthur area for pokemon
2021-09-106.35 Late night – Rode in neighborhood and in neighborhoods to the east of Macarthur Blvd
2021-09-11 3.31Late night – Short ride in neighborhood
2021-09-1213.22Morning – Rode from home to Temple B’nai Israel to meet up with family, very nice route along east side of Lake Hefner
2021-09-130no riding
2021-09-1411.5Late morning – Rode from home to post office, drug store and then back.