The following receptions were made using the W5TSU software defined radio (located at locator EM15em in Warr Acres/ Oklahoma City, Oklahoma). Also unless otherwise noted, in these reports all frequencies are in khz and the mode is AM. All times and dates are in UTC.

9350 on 20191229 at 21:24. WWCR (Nashville, TN, USA) “Christian” broadcaster arguing against the merits of doing charity and why churches shouldn’t take advantage of tax-exempt status. The preacher actually says that members of his church who claim tax deductions are welcome to do this, but that those giving in this way should expect no benefits in the hereafter. — Quite an interesting argument.

9475 on 20191229 at 21:27. WTWW (Lebanon, TN, USA) First heard dead air, then some garbled speech. It sounds like the programming is being fed via a flakey internet feed. SIO is hard to figure but likely would be 554 based on how quiet the dead air is with only minimal static.

11635 on 20191229 at 21:11 Likely Cuban Spy numbers station HM01. Normal numbers broadcast with strange computer sounds. SIO 454.

11720 on 20191229 at 21:08 Voice of America (Greenville, USA) in Eng, playing Taylor Swift’s country song “mean.” Later commentator talking about the tragic shooting at the country concert in Las Vegas, and then they played Jason Aldean’s “Dirt Road Anthem” that incorporates hip-hop elements. SIO 555.

11880 on 20191229 at 21:06. Radio Havana Cuba (Bauta, Cuba) in Fre. I can pick out some conversation about politics, including recent statements by Cuban President Diaz-Canal. SIO 554.

11930 on 20191229 at 21:13 US government propaganda station Radio Marti (Greenville, USA) in Spa. My spanish isn’t great, but I think they are talking about the possibility of same-sex marriage being legalized in Cuba. Started off as SIO 454, but later some faint QRM (presumably Cuban jamming) coming in so then SIO 443. I’m no fan of Radio Marti but I wish Cuba wouldn’t waste the electricity on jamming the mis-named “Radio Marti” and instead just air more RHC programming.

11985 on 20191229 at 21:16 Adventist World Radio via Talata-Volundry. Religious singing them a speaker in heavily accented English. The speaker’s message is about giving one’s life to God. (FYI, the schedule linked here says the broadcast is in Cemuhi language, but I’m hearing it in English). SIO 453.

15140 on 20191229 at 21:20 Radio Havana Cuba in Fre. Female and male voices alternating with what sounds like news headlines. SIO 454.

15370 on 20191229 at 21:21 Radio Havana Cuba in Port. Female and male voices alternating reading what sounds like news headlines. SIO 554.