LOGO: WWV - Fort Collins, Colorado - NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology - U.S. Department of Commerce

2500 WWV (Fort Collins, CO , USA ) (Fort Collins, CO, USA) on 20191114 at 07:08. SIO 353.

5000 WWV (Fort Collins, CO , USA ) on 20191114 at 07:09. SIO 454.

5025 R Rebelde (Bauta, Cuba ) on 20191114 at 07:09 Spa. SIO 454. Cuban music

5085 WTWW (Lebanon, TN , USA ) on 2019114 at 06:00 playing my online request of Paul Simon’s “Me and Julio” (pretty amazing as I made the request 18 minutes ago). SIO 555. Next I’m requesting Edwin Starr’s “War”

6000 RHC (Radio Havana Cuba) (Quivican, Cuba ) on 20191114 at 06:33 Eng. SIO 554. Dramatic reading. Then Arts Roundup with Gerwin Jones. Voice of Jose Marti segment starting at 06:44, including some thoughtful remarks on the issue of race. At 07:00 start of a new hour with Gerwin ” filling in for a convalescing Ed Newman” (Get well soon Ed!). This day in history – World Diabetes day. News headlines including the Spanish royal visit including a meeting with Cuban Pres. Diaz-Canal, timed to coincide with the 500th anniversary of Havana. – Signal degrades badly at 07:03 down to 352.

6165 RHC (Radio Havana Cuba) (Quivican, Cuba ) on 20191114 at 07:04 Eng. SIO 454. More news headlines.