880 KRVN (Lexington, Nebraska, USA) on 20191106 at 03:40. SIO 444. 13 minutes into second half for Nebraska Corn Huskers basksetball. Confirmed ID via webstream.

890 on 20191106 at 03:36 UTC. SIO 554. National adverts then back to “The Fighting Illini” basketball (post-game show).

910 KVIS (Miami, OK, USA) on 20191106 at 03:43. SIO 332. Southern gospel music. Confirmed ID via webstream.

980 KMBZ (Kansas City, MO, USA) on 20191106 at 03:49. SIO 443. Local adverts for Lukas Wines, sta. ID as “Talk 980”

990 CBW (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) on 20191106 at 03:53. SIO 544. Talk show on cultural affairs. Voices sound Canadian. Ending of interview with Demi Moore, then a song. QRM got bad while song was playing. Fun listening to CBC while it was lasting. Later QRM station got stronger, Unid. but Spa. languague SIO 554, then CBW fades back in at 544. Now headline news talking about Chinese swine flu risks in Mexico, then story about killings in Mexico, then Spa. language station pushes in again. Finally got ID as “CBC News” at 04:02. Later ID as “CBC Radio One” at 04:05.

1040 WHO (Des Moines, IA, USA) on 20191106 at 04:07. SIO 554. A nostalgia/history segment of some kind, according to WHO website it is “Our American Story”

1050 XEG-AM (Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, Mexico) on 20191106 at 04:10 SIO 454. Spa. talk.

1060 XEEP-AM (Mexico City, DF, Mexico) on 20191106 at 04:14 SIO. Chilled-out latin-Jazz instrumental music. Spa. (Confirmed with webstream)