NOTE: Please refer to “Key for KG5JST Radio Listening Logs” for details on the abbreviations and other conventions that I use for these logs.

670 WSCR (Chicago, IL, USA) on 20191025 at 01:52 Adverts – sports betting, car commercial, then back to play-by-play of NFL game. SIO 554.

700 WLW (Cinncinati, OH, USA) on 20191025 at 01:57 Talk program.

750 WSB(Atlanta, GA, USA) on 20191025 at 02:00 Eng. News headlines. SIO 353.

760 WJR (Detroit, MI, USA) on 20191025 at 02:02 Eng. Tail end of news headlines then adverts. SIO 353.

820 WBAP (Fort Worth, TX, USA) on 20191025 at 02:04. News headlines including a story about FTC complaint against a company that is fraudulently claiming that diabetes can be cured with their supplements.

5000 WWV (Fort Collins, CO, USA) on 20191025 at 01:24, time tx, SIO 353.

5025 Radio Rebelde (?, Cuba) on 20191025 at 01:25, Spa. male voice, SIO 352.

5085 ? (?) on 20191025 at 01:26, Oldies music, SIO 453.

5830 ? (?) on 20191025 at 01:27, Hate preacher saying something is “straight from the pits of hell.” SIO 352.

5850 ? (?) on 20191025 at 01:27, Eng. Spacey sounding music. Later on (at 01:47) could recognize the voice of the host as being ? of VORTW (Voice of the Review of the Week) then more interestingly weird music (maybe Queen but I don’t recognize the song) SIO 453.

5935 ? (?) on 20191025 at 01:28 Eng. Preacher Melissa Scott. SIO 454.

6020 on ? (?) on 20191025 at 01:29 Eng. Very faint, but heard “China”. SIO 342.

6090 Caribbean Beacon from The Valley, Anguilla on 20191025 at 01:29 Eng. Preacher Melissa Scott. SIO 353. For more info on this station see: ShortwaveDxer and

6165 Radio Havana Cuba (Bauta, Cuba) on 20191025 at 01:30 Eng. Very, very faint. SIO 252. Sounds like an editorial from Daniel Montero but hard to make out much at all.

7315 Voice of Vietnam via WHRI (Cypress Creek, SC, USA) on 20191025 at 01:31 Asian sounding music, then female host speaking ?. Later on I heard male host speaking in Asian lang. I was able to pick out “Vietnam,” “Hanoi” and “Sydney.” SIO 554.

7490 WBCQ from Monticello, ME, USA on 20191025 at 01:32 Eng. Host talking about gun control. SIO 353.

7505 WRNO from New Orleans, LA, USA on 20191025 at 01:33 Eng. Very emotional preacher talking about people making excuses for their unhappiness, also talking about the devil (who I presume he thinks is real) SIO 454 at first then fades down to 252.

7570 “Brother Stair” via WRMI (Okeechobee, FL, USA) on 20191025 at 01:34 Eng. Anti-LGBTQ hate speech masquerading as religious preaching. This guy is ranting, claiming that if “you stay with them, you will be dragged down to them.” (I assume “them” refers to gay people) He also says that California and Florida are cursed by God, and that there will be no moving of the Holy Spirit in these two places. He then goes on to say “The day of the Lord cometh.” — Later on at 01:48, I recognized voice as the notorious accused sex offender Ralph Stair. SIO 554.

9265 WINB (Red Lion, PA, USA) on 20191025 at 01:40 Eng. Preacher talking about the story of Zacheus. SIO 454.

9455 WRMI from Okeechobee, FL, USA on 20191025 at 01:41 Eng. Hymn singing accompanied by piano, Song – “stand up, stand up for Jesus” SIO 453.

9580 CRI (China Radio International) via Quivican, Cuba. on 20191025 at 01:42 Eng. Sports report. SIO 453.

9690 ?(?) on 20191025 at 01:43 Spa. SIO 554.

9955 WRMI from Okeechobee, FL, USA on 20191025 at 01:44 Eng. Soul music. SIO 453.

11700 RHC (Radio Havana Cuba) from Quivican, Cuba on 20191025 at 01:50 Spa. SIO 453.

11760 Unid. This is either Radio Havana Cuba or CRI (China Radio International) on 20191025 at 01:51 Spa. Conversation about economics. SIO 554.

11780 RNDA (Radio Nacional da Amazonia) from Brasilia, Brazil on 20191025 at 01:45 ? lang. Music – kind of a hybrid between Country and cajun music? SIo 454.

162.4 Mhz. FM WXK85 on 20191025 at 01:58 Eng. NOAA weather radio reporting that snow is likely in parts of Western Oklahoma tonight. SIO 555.