NOTE: Please refer to “Key for KG5JST Radio Listening Logs” for details on the abbreviations and other conventions that I use for these logs.

580 on 20191024 at 01:55 UTC WIBW (Topeka, KS, USA) playing Dave Ramsey Show. SIO 454.

670 on 20191024 at 01:50 UTC WSCR “The Score” (Chicago, IL, USA) tail end of Chicago Bulls radio, then national adverts including a PSA about autism (autismspeaks.org/signs). Promo spots for other programs on this station.

690 on 20191024 at 02:00 KGGF local adverts including one for “The Green Country Garden” show. Sta. ID then national headlines from Fox News. SIO 453.

710 on 20191024 at 02:01 KCMO (Kansas City, MO, USA) – National headlines including the absurd remarks by Trump about building a wall in Colorado. Followed by national adverts including for “A place for Mom” Then local weather. Sta. ID and local adverts. SIO 444. – See also Wikipedia: KCMO (AM)

1160 on 20191024 at 04:45 KSL (Salt Lake City, UT, USA) National adverts from Walgreens, then a local advert before fading out. SIO ranged from 454 to 352 over a few minutes.

1200 on 20190224 at 04:50 WOAI (San Antonio, TX, USA) Adverts, including a wacky PSA in which the President of BlueCross Blue Shield explained why prior authorizations were actually in the best interests of Texans. After that a commercial for a local CBD store in San Antonio. Sta. ID at 04:53, then back to syndicated program on the paranormal. SIO 454.

1500 on 20191024 at 02:15 KSTP (St. Paul, MN, USA) playing Game #2 of the world series (the Nats so far lead the series 1-0 before tonight). Cabrera just struck out. Top of the 6th. Score is tied up with Washington Nationals and Houston Astros both at 2. SIO 353.

1570 on 20191024 at 02:20, XERF-AM (Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico). Banda music then adverts. SIO 453.

1600 on 20191024 at 02:21, most likely is KGYM (Cedar Rapids, IA, USA) Play by play of world series. SIO 353. See also Wikipedia: KGYM

1640 on 20191024 at 02:25 KZLS (Enid, OK, USA) Local advert for a Cops Gun Shop that says “with the current political situation across the USA, there has never been a more important time to exercise our second amendment rights,” right before they started talking about specials on AR-15’s. Then playing Guns ‘n Roses “Sweet child of mine” SIO 453.

5085 on 20191024 at 01:45 UTC Amateur Radio Newsline via WTWW. Eng. SIO 353. News headlines from the world of ham radio, including some use of amateur radio for emergency communications during the rolling blackouts in California.

7335 on 20191024 at 01:50 UTC Radio Marti (Greenville, NC, USA) with play-by-play of the World Series. SIO 343.

9580 on 20191024 at 01:51 UTC CRI (China Radio International) relayed from Quivican, Cuba. Eng. News/commentary. SIO 353.

9980 on 20191024 at 20:38 UTC WWCR (Nashville, TN, USA) Eng. Playing some kind of program for preppers, now talking about Trump’s middle east troop withdrawals. SIO 555.

10000 on 20191024 at 20:40 UTC WWV (Fort Collins, CO, USA). Normal time tx. SIO 453.

11760 on 20191024 at 17:51 Radio Havana Cuba (Bauta, Cuba) Spa. Male voice giving a speech that discusses Cuban communism, interspersed with news reporter giving commentary. Now a female voice. SIO 453.

11780 on 20191024 at 01:52 UTC RNDA (Radio Nacional da Amazonia) (Brasillia, Brazil), sounds like possibly soccer/futbol play-by-play. SIO 353.

11860 on 20191024 at 20:40 US government propaganda station Radio Marti in Spa. talking about Venezuela, FARC, and recent protests in Chile. I assume that they are trying to put together a grand socialist conspiracy of some kind. SIO 544.

11930 on 20191024 at 20:42 Same thing as is currently airing on 11860. SIO 443.

12030 on 20191024 at 20:43 REE (Radio Exterior de Espana). Spa. talk. SIO 453.

12050 khz. on 20191024 at 17:52 WEWN Spa. Prayer. Heard “el espirito santo.” SIO 453. Sta. Id for “Radio Catolica Mondial” at 17:55. Spa. Prayer. Heard “el espirito santo.” SIO 453. Sta. Id for “Radio Catolica Mondial” at 17:55.

12160 khz. on 20191024 at 17:53 WWCR Eng. Alex Jones and a guest talking about elections.

15140 khz. on 20191024 at 17:55 Radio Havana Cuba (Bauta, Cuba) Same thing as is currently airing on 11760. SIO 352.

15140 khz. on 20191024 at 19:51 Radio Havana Cuba (Bauta, Cuba) Eng. Gerwin Jones with a piece about José Martí, followed by news headlines read by Elena Val Verde and a male colleague (didn’t catch his name). Then end of hour comments by Gerwin Jones, then interval signal and sta. ID in multiple languages including in Eng. “Broadcasting from Cuba, Free Territory of the Americas.” Then start of Arabic language service at 20:01 UTC. SIO 353

15370 on 20191024 at 20:44. Radio Havana Cuba (Bauta, Cuba) in Ara. SIO 353.

17530 khz. on 20191024 at 17:56. Voice of America (Greenville, NC, USA) Eng. SIO 554. Later on in Fre. at 20:02. Very lively music.

107.7 Mhz. FM at 20191024 02:32 UTC KRXO “The Franchise” Sports radio talking about tonight’s world series game (but not doing play-by-play)