LOGO: REE Radio Exterior de Espana

6115 khz. on 20191023 at 22:10. WWCR (Nashville, TN, USA) Some crazy preacher ranting and raving about “the God of wrath” and the coming of destruction. Much stronger signal on 9350 khz. (see below) SIO 343.

9265 khz. on 20191023 at 21:05 WINB (Red Lion, PA, USA). Religious talk in eng. SIO 453.

9350 khz. on 20191023 at 21:06 WWCR (Nashville, TN, USA) airing syndicated program “Classic Radio Theater,” national adverts. SIO 555. Tuned back at 21:16 and heard what sounds like a 1950’s era family radio show. Later I find out it is the Oct. 19, 1952 edition of “The Aldrich family”. Later at 22:13 a hate preacher (the same one listed above under 6115) is still ranting, claiming that Catholics will be “praying the rosary while they are on their way to hell” and the coming “destruction by the almighty.” Lots of amening from the audience while this guy screams and yells. SIO 555.

9690 khz. on 20191023 at 21:08 Radio Exterior de Espana (Noblejas, Spain) with talk in spa. SIO 454. Later at 22:15 I hear the English language program, tail end of an interview with a singer/song-writer then some music. SIO 454.

10000 khz. on 20191023 at 21:12 WWV (Fort Collins, CO, USA) with standard time tx. SIO 453.

11760 khz. on 20191023 at 22:17 Radio Havana Cuba (Bauta, Cuba) in Spa. SIO 353.

11780 khz. on 20191023 at 22:18 Radio Nacional da Amazonia (Brasilia, Brazil). Female voice in port. SIO 453.

11850 khz. on 20191023 at 21:13 Radio Havana Cuba (Quivican, Cuba). Male voice in spa but hard to make out much other than word “Cubana.” SIO 342.

11860 khz. on 20191023 at 21:14 US Government propaganda station Radio Marti (Greenville, NC, USA). Commentator in spa talking about US and Cuba relations. SIO 554.

11930 khz. on 20191023 at 21:15 Radio Marti (Greenville, NC, USA). Weaker than 11860 with SIO 453.

15770 khz on 20191023 at 20:50 UTC. Radio Tirana (Albania) relayed by WRMI (Okeechobee, FL, USA) playing some pop music, but not sure on what lang. it is in. SIO 453. ID based on WRMI schedule. Later hearing some R&B music in the same lang (maybe Albanian?). Sta. ID in Eng at 20:58. then some traditional Albanian music. WRMI sta. ID at 20:59, then start of “The Overcomer Ministry” with “Brother Stair” (BS is actually a notorious accused sex offender, Ralph Stair)

105.7 Mhz. FM on 20191023 at 21:28 KROU (Oklahoma City, USA simulcasting KGOU) with All Things Considered from NPR News. Local adverts/sponsor spots, then promos for other NPR programming. ID for program at :30, then news headlines including stories about rolling blackouts in California by PG&E.