These receptions were all done via the KiwiSDR at TWR Africa, Kempton Park, South Africa. GRID: KG43cv

702 AM LM Radio from ?, Gauteng, South Africa on 20191020 03:50 UTC, SIO 555. Oldies music format. Announcer has a British accent in English but adverts in a mix of at least three languages. Several mentions of Mozambique in these adverts.
“Check your time at LM” announcement at top of hour. Now starting at 6 am local time, a morning music show (according to it is “Daybreak with Daffy” hosted by Chris Daffy.

Getting some QRM now but only occasional so I think it is some ham transmissions? More oldies music. Musical ID of “LM Radio” then to some 80’s music. I must admit that this is a fun format.