LOGO: V 103 - K276EX

6195 khz. on 20191017 at 04:04 NHK World Japan via WHRI (Cypress Creek, SC, USA). Female and voices speaking Spa, I think it is news headlines. SIO 453.

9640 khz. on 20191017 at 03:58 Radio Havana Cuba in Spa. Talk. SIO 453.

9790 khz. on 20191017 at 03:59 China Radio International via Quivican, Cuba. SIO 555. Cheesy pop music in Chi. Sta. ID at top of the hour in Chi.

91.7 Mhz. FM on 20191019 at 03:07 KOSU transmitting from near Seward, OK (but licensed to Stillwater) playing as “The Spy” (it’s evening incarnation) college rock style programming. Nice chilled out music right now. SIO 555.

103.1 Mhz. FM on 20191017 at 04:48. K276EX (FM translator for KOMA-HD3) branded as “V103” Local adverts for casinos, concerts and PSA’s looking for possible foster parents. Then some “throwback” hip hop music including “Big Poppa” by The Notorious B.I.G. SIO 554.

103.5 Mhz. FM on 20191017 at 04:43, KVSP transmitting from near Alfalfa, OK, USA. Sta. ID “Power 103.5” Music format is “blazing hip hop and R&B.” SIO 555. (on a side note, I still remember when this station was KRPT, a country radio station that was based out of Anadarko.

104.5 Mhz. FM on 20191017 at 04:37 K283BW/KRXO-HD2 from Oklahoma City some classic rock. SIO 555.

104.9 Mhz. FM on 20191017 at 04:32 KKWD “Wild 104” playing interesting mix of music including spa. language reggeton song “Loco Contigo” by DJ Snake (a French DJ), featuring J. Balvin and Tyga (song ID’d courtesy of the Shazam android app). SIO 555.

105.7 Mhz. FM on 20191017 at 04:29 KROU (simulcast of KGOU) from Jones, OK, USA. Jazz music. SIO 555.