LOGO: WGN 720 - Chicago's Very Own

530 khz. on 20191015 at 06:35 UTC, Radio Enciclopedia from Havana, Cuba. Mostly easy listening music Music including instrumental version of Ave Maria, some qrm from spa. talk sta. Sio 444

720 khz. on 20191012 at 05:46 UTC. WGN from Chicago, IL, USA. National adverts SIO 554. Sta. ID with snappy jingle at :48, then local talk host.

760 khz. on 20191012 at 06:00 UTC WJR from Detroit, MI, USA. Sta. ID and then news headlines. SIO 332.

830 khz. on 20191012 at 06:02. WCCO from Minneapolis, MN, USA – National newsheadlines – fires and blackouts in Cali, ID as “CBS News Radio” then later local news headlines and sta. ID. WX says there is light snow expected soon.

840 khz. on 20191012 at 06:10, WHAS from Louisville, KY, USA with Coast to Coast AM with Ed Nouri (sp?). SIO 554.

860 khz. on 20191012 at 06:20 KKOW from Pittsburgh, KS, USA. Classic country music “You don’t love me, anymore,” then local adverts, sta ID and more music.. SIO 554.

1090 khz. on 20191012 at 06:28 KAAY from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, SIO 554. Black gospel music.

1110 khz. on 20191012 at 06:30 KFAB from Omaha, Nebraska, USA, SIO 554. Sta. ID, national adverts.

1150 khz. on 20191012 at 06:33, KSAL from Salina, KS, USA. Some national adverts then fades away. Fades back with Abba’s “Waterloo” and then George Nori (Sp?) with Coast to Coast AM. Never heard solid station ID but did hear multiple references to “Rocking M” and KSAL is owned by Rocking M Media according to Wikipedia. SIO 342.

1450 khz on 20191012, 06:41 KGFF from Shawnee, OK, USA. Oldies music. SIO 242.

6100 khz. on 20191012, 05:36 UTC Radio Havana Cuba from Bauta, Cuba, in Eng, discussing Trump’s attrocious record and the decision of moderates to align themselves with neo-liberals. SIO 353.

12030 khz. on 20191016, 20:55-22:10, Radio Exterior de Espana from Noblejas, Spain. Spanish (most talk, but some music). Sta. ID at 21:00. More in Spanish until 22:00 with another station ID and then start of English language program. Host talked about attending recent documentary in Madrid that tells the story of female musicians in jazz. SIO 554.