4765 khz. on 20190808, 03:03 UTC R. Progreso in Spa. SIO 242. Later (at 03:25) much stronger with SIO 444, music in Spa.

5085 khz. on 20190808, 02:54 UTC WTWW playing my request “Come on Eileen” by Dexy’s Midnight Runner. Very cool system they have on their website that puts songs from their playlist straight onto their on-air playlist (from a curated list of songs of course). SIO 554. Later on (at 03:02 UTC) I heard “Heaven is a place on earth” by Brandy Carlile Belinda Carlisle requested by Mark, K9MQ, so I of course had put Billy Joel’s “We didn’t start the fire” onto the list. This is way too much fun!

6100 khz on 20190808, 05:20 UTC, Radio Havana Cuba. Op-Ed that is trashing Trump by Alberto de Perez, followed by announcement by Ed Newman and then some “great Cuban music.” SIO ranges from 353-454.

6185 khz on 20190808, 03:12 UTC, XEPPM in Mexico City. Old romantic song in Spa.

9395 khz. on 20190808, 03:13, Supreme Master TV via WRMI, SIO 555 in Eng. Start of program “Noteworthy News – Elevating News from Around the world”

9640 khz. on 20190808, 03:15, Radio Havana Cuba, SIO 443 in Spa. Female voice then traditional Cuban music.

11850 khz. on 20190808, 03:17, RHC, SIO 543 in Spa. Romantic sounding Cuban music.

13740 khz. on 20190808, RHC, SIO 555 in Spa. Very pretty romantic sounding music in Spa. Short-wave.info doesn’t show RHC on at this frequency, however it is playing the exact same thing as 11850. Female announcer starts at 03:20 talking about “la violencia de drugas” (the violence of drugs) and then back to more music. however, the Shortwave Central blog says that RHC sometimes broadcasts on 13740, later I heard mentions of Cuba so I think I have a positive ID.

105.7 Mhz. FM on 20190811, 17:00, KROU. SIO 555. Headline news followed by BBC Radio show “Ground Shift : The Farming Revolution” (as part of KGOU’s Sunday Matinee Program). They aired two 30 minute episodes which talked about agriculture in Iowa, Australia and Ghana, featuring the themes of profit, diversification, internet and vaccines. Really good stuff.