These receptions were made with a Tecsun PL-880 with an outdoor dipole cut for approximately 40 meters at my home QTH (Locator: EM15ep). Unless otherwise noted, all frequencies in this log are in kilohertz, the mode is AM and all dates and times are UTC.

WSM Logo

650 on 20190715, 05:04. WSM (Nashville, TN, USA) SIO 454. Local weather in Nashville then start of live show “The All nighter” by a lively female host.

1000 on 20190713, 19:53, KTOK (Oklahoma City, OK, USA) Local talk about mass transit in Oklahoma City and Ed Shadid’s transit funding proposal and how it relates the transit proposal for Maps 4. Later on found out this is KTOK’s public affairs program. Sta. ID at 20:00 followed by Fox “News” talking about immigration protest including story about US flag being replaced by the Mexican flag in Aurora, Colorado. (I say bravo to that news!)

1430 on 20190715, 04:35 KTBZ (North Tulsa, OK, USA) Fox sports radio. SIO 453. National adverts.

1450 on 20190715, 04:51, KGFF (Shawnee, OK, USA), faint oldies music. SIO 342.

1480 on 20190715, 04:53, KNGO (Dallas, TX, USA), Asian languages with some QRM from other stations. SIO 433.

1630 on 20190715, 04:55, KKGM (Fort Worth, TX, USA) Southern gospel SIO 433 vs. KCJJ (“the Mighty 1630”) with CBS News, SIo 443.

4426 USB, 20190715, 04:32. NMC (Point Reyes, CA, USA). SIO 453. Maritime weather reports. – Fun to get to try out the SSB capabilities of this receiver.

LOGO: WWV - Fort Collins, Colorado - NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology - U.S. Department of Commerce

5000 on 20190715, 04:14, WWV (Fort Collins, CO, USA), SIO 554.

5025 on 20190715, 04:14, R. Rebelde (Bauta, Cuba) in Spa. SIO 454.

LOGO: Radio Habana Cuba

5040 on 20190715, 04:21 Radio Habana Cuba (Bauta, Cuba) in Spa. SIO 453.

5085 on 20190715, 04:21, WTWW (Lebanon, TN, USA), Oldies music. SIO 555.

5925 on 20190715, 04:22, VOA via Selebi-Phikwe, Botswana TX. Eng in SIO 453. Talking about human rights defenders in Tanzania.

5935 on 20190715, 04:23, Melissa Scott via WWCR (Nashville, TN, USA). Eng. SIO 454.

5950 on 20190715, 04:23, Supreme Master TV via WRMI (Okeechobee, FL, USA), SIO 453.

6000 on 20190715, 04:1, Radio Havana Cuba (Quivican, Cuba) in Eng. SIO 353.

6105 khz. on 20190717, 03:27, NHK World Japan via Issoudun, France. Classical music interspersed by male voice in Japanese. SIO 554.

6165 on 20190715, 04:24, Radio Havana Cuba (Bauta, Cuba), SIO 353.

LOGO: Radio Educacion - la radio cultural de Mexico

6185 on 20190715, 04:24, XEPPM-OC Radio Educación (Mexico City, Mexico) in Spa. SIO 454. Chilled out guitar music.

6195 NHK World Japan via WHRI (Cypress Creek, SC, USA) in Spa. SIO 555. Talking about Mount Fuji.

7335 on 20190715, 04:16 R. Marti (Greenville, NC, USA) in Spa. SIO with big band music. Later significant jamming QRM at 04:26 with SIO 533.

9265 khz. on 20190717, 03:21, WINB (Red Lion, PA, USA). Evangelical Christian preaching in Eng. SIO 454.

LOGO: WBCQ - Free Speech Radio - Since 1998 - Monticello, Maine, USA

9330 on 20190715, 04:17 WBCQ (Monticello, ME, USA) in Eng. SIO 555, Evangelical preaching.

9395 khz. on 20190717, 03:19, Supreme Master TV via WRMI (Okeechobee, FL, USA), Eng. Programmer giving schedule for upcoming programs on various cable access systems around the USA. Sta. ID in English, Spanish and other languages of “Supreme Master TV”

9420 khz. on 20190715, 04:26. R. Hellephonia (Avlis, Greece) SIO 453 in Gre. talk. Again at 20190717, 03:15, R. Hellephonia (Avlis, Greece). SIO 353. Male commentator followed by some traditional sounding Greek music.

9560 on 20190711, 04:12, believed to be PBS Xinjiang (Ürümqi, Xinjiang, China), ?lang but possibly Uyghur, SIO 352.

9690 khz on 20190711, 04:11, Radio Exterior de Espana (Noblejas, Spain) in Spa. SIO 554. Romantic music.

9790 on 20190715, 04:27, China Radio International via Quivican, Cuba in Cantonese, SIO 443.

9825 on 20190715, 04:28 BBC via Kostinbrod-Sofia, Bulgaria (via Spaceline’s transmitter?), in Persian lang. SIO 443.

9840 on 20190713, 19:28, WHRI (Cypress Creek, SC, USA), SIO 453. Female voice talking about democracy, then sta. ID of “World Harvest Radio”

9915 on 20190715, 04:29, BBC via Talata-Volundry, Madagascar in Eng. SIO 453.

10000 on 20190713, 20:19. WWV (Fort Collins, CO, USA) with SIO 554.

11670 khz on 20190717 , 03:18, R. Habana Cuba (Bauta, Cuba) in Spa. Cuban Music. SIO 454.

11780 on 20190711, 04:10, RNDA( Radio Nacional da Amazonia) (Brasilia, Brazil) in Port. SIO 554. Male and female voices reading the news.

12160 on 20190717, 18:33, Alex Jones on WWCR (Nashville, TN, USA). SIO 555. SOS is being sent out via CW, then more Alex Jones. Is this a violation of FCC regulations?

13840 on 20190715, 04:30, Radio New Zealand International (Rangitaiki, New Zealand) in Eng. SIO 454. Discussions of racist black-face incident in New Zealand.

15370 on 20190713, 20:21 Radio Havana Cuba (Bauta, Cuba), SIO 252.

17530 on 20190713, 20:22, VOA (Greenville, NC, USA) Fre. language talk with Eng. language pop music.

21525 on 20190717, 18:31 WRMI Radio Africa (Okeechobee, FL, USA) in English. SIO 353. Evangelical Christian teaching.

104.5 Mhz. FM on 20190713, 19:30, K283BW (Oklahoma City, OK, USA), (simulcast of KRXO-HD2) with classic rock. SIO 555

105.7 Mhz. FM KROU (Jones, OK, USA) on 20190717, approx. 18:40 (simulcast of KGOU) Local NPR story talking about the OKC Thunder’s trade of Russell Westbrook, later at 18:50 story on Hear & Now about international high school rodeo competition, then at 18:52 story about genetic evidence of HIV from more than a century ago. Later on 19:30 NPR’s Fresh Air interviewing the one and only (and now Emmy-nominated) Randy Rainbow.