2500 WWV. SIO 353 at 05:45.

5000 WWV SIO 454 at 05:46.

5040 Radio Havana Cuba Music in spa. SIO 453 at 05:47

5025 R. Rebelde SIO 353 Music then male voice in spa. at 05:47.

5935 WWCR SIO 454 Rev. Melissa Scott at 05:48.

6000 Radio Havana Cuba SIO 453 Music in Spa. at 05:49

6100 khz. Radio Havana Cuba (English) music in Spa. SIO 555 at 05:44, later introduction of a song in English at 5:50. Come back at 06:01 to hear Ed Newman reading the news, later Gerwin and Valverd doing an interview with some about US state department blocking the visas of hundreds of scholars coming from Cuba. — “DXer’s unlimited” with Arnie Coro at 06:08. This episode discussed strategies for dealing with extremely low solar cycle, (“81 days without a sunspot”), later a story about history of Morse code,

6165 Radio Havana Cuba in English. Gerwin Jones and a female voice are reading the news. SIO 444. — Later on at 06:20 with Ed Newman and Irma (from the correspondence department) for the weekend edition of the mailbag show.

9700 RNZI in Eng. SIO 252. Confirmed via internet streaming of RNZI Pacific, faint bird whistles (I think the interval signal) for just a few seconds then dead air at 05:58..