Flag of Mexico

Introduction: Unless other noted, all times/dates below are in UTC, all frequencies are in kilohertz, and the mode is AM. My home QTH is in EM15ep in far Northwest Oklahoma City, but this log is all maritime mobile (on the Norwegian Bliss cruiseship) off of the coast of Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico at GPS Coordinates of 20°38’05.6″N 105°17’46.7″W.

A video recording of this listening session can be viewed here: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipPZ5z7Oxy8Ho-Q3liGWeQ1KlG7tE_jNtuRJZSR1mGM905y2cUd59Sg2CpWIQMXePw?key=TkE1a00zdTlLbkhTa3JXUnpva2VPR0p5dlBYNjV3
All receptions heard Maritime Mobile off of the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

89.5 XHME-FM (Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico) Pop music in Eng on April 24, 11:51

90.3 XHPVA-FM (Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico) Pop music in Eng. April 24 11:52. 80’s pop “Final Countdown”

91.1 XHPTOJ-FM (Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico) Latin/Pop in Spa. April 24, 11:53

91.9 XHVJL-FM (Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico) SIO 544. Romantic music in Spa.

92.7 XHVAY-FM (Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico)

93.5 XHEJ-FM (Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico) Banda

94.3 XHPVJ-FM (Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico) Advert for some kind of chocolate breakfast drink for kids. Sta. ID sounded like “La Costa” and “Puerto Vallarta” then banda or norteno music?

95.1 XHBC-FM(Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco, Mexico) SIO 322.

95.9 XHCJU-FM (Jarretarderas, Nayarit, Mexico) SIO 432

96.7 FM Spa talk. Hard to make out SIO 332. Several possibilities but no solid ID.

98.3 XHPVBB-FM (Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico) Spa. talk discussing Avengers End Game Movie.

99.1 FM Crowd noise, sounds like a baseball game?
Several possibilities but no solid ID.