LOGO: Radio Habana Cuba

Introduction: Unless other noted, all times/dates below are in UTC, all frequencies are in kilohertz, the mode is AM, and my QTH is in EM15ep in far Northwest Oklahoma City

Most of my listening is done via ultralight shortwave radio receivers (my favorite of late is my CCrane Skywave), but I also sometimes use my Yaesu FT-817 or a standard car radio. I use a variety of antennas when at home but often use only the stock antenna when walking or bike riding outdoors.

My recent WSPR receptions are not logged in this report, but can be found here.  More information on my use of WSPR (both receiving and transmitting) can be found on this page.

  • Cuba
    • Bauta
      • Radio Havana Cuba 6060 on Dec 30 at 05:02. SIO 554. Gerwin Jones with this day in history: Anniversaries of the opening of the Hotel Nacional de Cuba and of the foundation of ECAP (Cuban Institute of the Friendship of the peoples). — Next Elena Val Verde joins Jones in reading news headlines, including the US federal government shutdown to continue in 2019, 22k Cubans in Venezuela are participating in consultations regarding the new proposed Cuban constitution. — Later segment on the castle and lighthouse in Havana (read by Daniel Montero). After that was Arnie Coro with Breakthrough (science and technology segment) which discussed new solar and wind generation projects in Cuba.
      • Radio Havana Cuba 6165 on Dec. 31 at 05:07. SIO 353 in Eng. Gerwin Jones and Elena Val Verde with news headlines.
      • Radio Rebelde 5025 on Dec 30 at 13:03. SIO 353. Talk in Spa.
      • Radio Rebelde 5025 on Dec 31 at 05:05. SIO 353. Talk in Spa.
    • Bejucal
      • Radio Progreso 4765 on December 330. SIO 354. Cuban music. Incredible signal, best I’ve heard from Progreso in awhile. Great sound with my CCrane connected to a JBL external speaker.
      • Radio Progreso 4765 on December 31, 05:48. SIO 353. Schmaltzy music. Later on some old school crooners and some Beatles (“Here comes the sun”), then Cuban National anthem at 06:00 then back to music.
  • USA