The following receptions were done on board the Amtrak Texas Eagle train in Chicago heading southward.

View from my window on train heading South from Chicago Union Station




  • USA
    • Illinois
      • Addison
        • LOGO: Moody Radio WMBIWMBI-FM 90.1 FM on May 7, 20:10. “The Backyard Fence” (aka “Chris Fabry Live”) radio program program — Two men talking. Here are my written notes from this bizarre and disturbing conversation — These guys are opposed to walkouts of all kinds, anti-union and anti-direct action of any kinds. They refer to those who engage in walkouts as being like children who are throwing tantrums. Both men see the phenomenon of this kind of action as cultural in nature. Next they start attacking the Parkland student protesters. They both argue (rightly in my opinion) that our society doesn’t have space for lamentation but then makes the inexplicable jump that the calls for action based on this tragedy are tied to this failure to provide space for lamentation. They also say that the student protesters are not acting on their own volition but are being manipulated by adults. — Later one of the men says “I support anyone who is in the White House because God placed him there.” and after that says “It really is pathetic that someone has to get my attention by blocking traffic.” And then the speakers move on to arguing that the abundance of free speech on the internet is the real problem and that many are being stirred up to speak up because of the internet.My response to all of this craziness — if you ever wondered what arguments mainstream white religious leaders in the US took to attack the Civil Rights movement, you can see them all in action here. It is tragic that these religious “leaders” seem to have never read Dr. King’s Letter from the Birmingham Jail 1 or for that matter have never wrestled with the prophetic texts of the Jewish scriptures, or for that matter even the stories of Jesus being rather disruptive at the temple in protest over the exploitation of the poor. Shame on Moody Bible Institute for broadcasting this kind of crap.
      • Chicago
        • LOGO: WCRX Chicago's Underground 88.1 FMWCRX 88.1 Mhz. FM on May 7, 19:56. SIO 555 in Eng. Columbia University college radio station, supposedly “Chicago’s Underground” and “Chicago’s #1 College Radio station” but right now they are playing mainstream crappy pop music like “Dangerous woman.” Later I hear PSA’s from and another one about hunger issues in the USA.
    • Indiana
      • Chesterton
        • LOGO: Vocalo 89.5 WBEWWBEW 89.5 Mhz. FM on May 7, 20:06. SIO 454 in Eng. Sounds like some kind of Indie hip-hop music but with a bit of call and response and some dance thrown in. I really like it. Turns out that this station is part of the Vocalo project.
  1. read the actual letter here