Introduction: Unless other noted, all times/dates below are in UTC, all frequencies are in kilohertz, and the mode is AM.

This portion of my logs were all done remotely, by way of a SDR (software defined receiver) in Auckland, New Zealand (Locator: RF73), online at:

  • New Zealand
    • North Island
        • Auckland
          • 1YA Radio New Zealand National 756 on April 21, 17:41. SIO 555 in Eng. Cool mix of music – right now playing something that sounds like a mix of surf, hawaiian with a little dose of soul. Band is Modern Maori Quartet. ID’d as “All night show on Radio NZ National.” — This week’s historical highlight, a story from New Zealand’s involvement in WW1 in Europe. Now playing a song from the era by a New Zealand musical group that played to the troops.
          • LOGO: Magic - Feels GoodMagic 702 on April 21, 17:58
            “You’ve found the home for good times and classics… it’s magic” — After ID, song – “The Candyman”
          • Radio 531PI (Pacific Islands) 531 on April 21, 23:58. SIO 555 in Eng. Coverage of pacific island participation in the Commonwealth Games, moved from Tonga to Auckland due to a recent typhoon in Tonga. Sta ID and weather, now music. Not sure what this style is. Very catchy, I’m hearing some elements of reggae but faster tempo, a bit like Cuban music, but still kinda different too. Very interesting for sure.
          • Star 882 on April 21, 15:07, SIO 555 in Eng. Local weather, followed by some CCM music. Later on April 22, 00:13 30 second Religious teaching, station ID “Star… the Christian music you have loved for years.” then back to CCM music.
        • East Tamaki
          • LOGO: BBC World ServiceZ1LXD 810 on April 21, 17:11. SIO 555 in Eng. News discussion of Trump-NK meeting plans and negotiations.
            Big concert at Royal Albert Hall for QE2’s 92nd birthday — Ladysmith black mambazo, Shaggy, Sting, BBC concert orchestra, et. al. — all artists from the Commonwealth nations. — Sta. ID – BBC WOrld Service broadcast by the “Auckland Broadast service” — Later on April 22, 00:12 News talk about North Korea nuclear talks.
        • Henderson
          • AM936 Chinese Radio 936 on April 22, 00:18. SIO 555 in Chi. Sounds like adverts and other announcements in Chinese.
          • Apna 990 on April 22, 00:22. SIO 555 in Hindi language as well as occasional words in English. Local adverts, some in English. Later some Indian music.
          • LOGO: Waatea 603 AM - Urban Maori RadioRadio Waatea 603 on April 21, 23:09. SIO 555. Talk about issue of religion and cultural assimilation. Later on April 22, 01:53, some hiphop music in another language (Maori?). One aspect I like is the use of polynesian harmonies at points, a really good mix — also very smooth transition to the next song, I wonder if there is a live DJ spinning?
        • Taranaki
          • Radio Sport New Zealand 1774, SIO 555 in Eng.
            Fox Sports Radio (?!) – Sports talk, discussing the NFL, MLB,
        • Tauranga
          • Star 657 April 22, 00:20. SIO 555 in Eng. Sta. ID “… This is Star News” Bleh… looks like New Zealand has about as many crappy Christian music stations as does Oklahoma.
  1. Since 1990, New Zealand does not assign call signs to most radio stations. –