Introduction: Unless other noted, all times/dates below are in UTC, all frequencies are in kilohertz and the mode is AM.

Most of my listening is done via ultralight shortwave radio receivers (my favorite of late is my CCrane Skywave), but I also sometimes use my Yaesu FT-817 or a standard car radio.

My QTH is in EM15ep in far Northwest Oklahoma City

  • Albania
  • Cuba
  • United States
    • Colorado
      • Arvada
        • KDMTLOGO: AM 1690 KDMT Denver's Money Talk 1690 on April 15, 03:42. SIO 433 in Eng. Local & Nat’t adverts, station ID.
    • Kansas
      • Wichita
        • LOGO: KGSO Sports Radio 1410 am - 93.9 FMKGSO 1410 on April 15, 02:47. SIO 433 in Eng. Station ID then local adverts.
    • Louisiana
      • New Orleans
        • LOGO: WRNO WorldwideWRNO 7505 on April 15, 21:55. SIO 352 in Eng. — I think this is a new one for me. Signals was very weirdly modulated and hard to understand. Here are some of the bits and pieces I heard: “Church of Alexandria,” “China,” “Can we look into prophesy,” “Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith.” No station ID at 22:00. Still preaching at 22:03.
    • Maine
      • Monticello
        • LOGO: WBCQ - Free Speech Radio - Since 1998 - Monticello, Maine, USAWBCQ 7490 on April 16, 00:09. SIO 454. Allan Weiner World-wide (it turns out a rerun from Feb. 23, 2018). It was a bizarre show, which illustrates how far Allan Weiner has gone from his rebellious pirate radio days — today his is astonishingly a somewhat libertarian leaning conservative who also defends a straight up neo-fascist (Donald Trump). What follows are my notes, with some quotes from this broadcast:

          Lots of complaints about federal taxes — “Thank you Mr. President” – referring to Trump’s tax reforms, but Weiner says it isn’t near enough.

          Weiner says he agrees with Ted Cruz on the need to abolish the IRS. He says the US can completely fund the federal government by way of tariffs on Chinese-made goods.

          He then tells about a recent cruise in which the only news available on the in-cabin TV was from CNN. He is upset that they are so anti-Trump and says, “Do they have to be left-wing whackos all of the time?”

          And next… Weiner starts to move in a religious direction, saying that “Satan is rampant… we are kicking God out of everything… the world is going to be controlled by evil.” (on a sidenote—this is so, so far outside the norm of Judaism today)

          Next Allan goes in an even weirder direction staying that if “the Lord made me supreme ruler,” that he would get ride of CNN and PBS, and then he said “I don’t believe in socialist media,” which launches him into a rant about socialism more generally… but then starts using the term “National socialist” to refer to mainstream democratic socialism, which is a rotten underhanded dig, given that “national socialism” was the term used by Hitler to describe the Nazi far-right movement, which is completely antithetical to real socialist thought.

          But Weiner continues and I’m trying to get it all down in my notebook, “Bullshit, government bullshit…. what is it with you left-wing wackos?”

          Next Weiner starts talking drug policy. He says he himself has never used dropped acid, tried heroin, cocaine or other hard drugs, but he does enjoy a monthly puff of marijuana and occasional alcohol. (why is this relevant?) — He then goes on to say that all drugs should be legal and taxed. He then talks about the US medical establishment’s over-reliance on opioids (something I would agree with) and then says that “we have really fuckered it up.”

          He then mentions the date (Feb. 23, 2018) and then starts saying that drugs should be legalized but slapped with a 50% tax! — So much for Allan Weiner’s pro-drug liberty agenda — why should folks needing pain medicine pay high taxes while the rich no longer pay income taxes? I just don’t get this. Also I thought that Chinese tariffs were enough to fund the government?

          Overall, hearing this broadcast was a terribly sad experience. I have many friends and loved ones who are conservative and I respect them (even if I disagree with them), but Allan’s embracing Trump and his neo-fascist agenda is something else.

    • Oklahoma
      • Edmond
        • K5EOK 147.135 Mhz. FM on April 17, 01:03. SIO 555 in Eng. Monday Night Edmond Information Net. Logs in from Edmond, Guthrie and the rest of north section of OKC metro, plus some folks further out. Normally a good net, but way too many people doubling tonight. Net controller AE5GS did a good job of helping folks to work things out. 60 check-ins!
        • KM5GZ 28390 on April 17, 02:05 calling CQ for the Route 66 10-10 Net. I tried to sign into the net but no luck with my QRP radio and attic antenna tonight. Bob (control opp for this net) is a key part of our local ham radio community.
      • Oklahoma City
    • Tennessee
      • Morrison
        • LOGO: International Radio Station WWRBWWRB 5050 on April 15, 23:56. SIO 343 in Eng. Heard station ID and then what sounds like some bird calls, and then some chilled out accoustic guitar music, then the start of some kind religious show. Fading in and out, but heard the speaker mention relays on WINB and WBCQ, and then mention that WWRB will be down next week for major repair so “I won’t be preaching.” After that he moves to talking about “not a ‘witch hunt’, but a ‘witches hunt'” then some ranting about how the Clintons have mafia connections.