I’ve decided that it might be more fun to put together a narrative log of my radio listening, rather than just using spreadsheets and whatnot.

Unless otherwise noted, all frequencies are in kilohertz, the transmission mode is AM, and all times and dates are in UTC.

My QTH is EM15ep in the Deer Creek area of far Northwest Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma, USA.

My listening equipment is most often a Tecsun PL-310 ET, but I also sometimes use my Yaesu FT-817 as well as AM/FM car radios.

  • Picture: Caribbean Beacon Transmission siteANGUILA: Caribbean Beacon 6090 on Mar 12, 3:31, SIO 454 in Eng, preaching about “kinsmen redeemer.”

    • Toronto, ON: CFRX 6070 on Mar 8, 2:53, SIO 232. Hard to read at first, but propogation improved over time. I was able to verify ID via CFRX’s web feed. Some odd humming QRM but it doesn’t look like Channel 292 is scheduled at this time. RX indoors via Tecsun w/stock antenna.

  • CUBA
    • LOGO: Radio RebeldeBauta: R. Rebelde 5025 on Mar 8, 5:17, SIO 444 in Spanish. Music in Spanish interspersed with DJ banter, etc.Later the song “Sound of silence” piano instrumental in background for discussion about legacy of Jose Marti. RX indoors via Tecsun w/stock antenna.

    • Bauta: R. Rebelde 5025, Mar 12, 3:43, SIO 242 in Spanish.

    • LOGO: Radio Habana CubaHavana: Radio Havana Cuba 6000 on Mar 8, 4:53, SIO 454 in English Normal Jazz interval music, playing earlier than exepcted, then start of show with Ed Newman at 00:54 mark – “On this day in history… 1979 death of Puerto Rican freedom fighter,” followed by headline news — Cuban political delegation goes to Mexico for meetings between Mexican Labor party and Cuban communist party …Later story— Columbian army bombs ELN rebel camps. – RX indoors via Tecsun w/stock antenna.

    • Havana: RHC 6100 on Mar 8, 7:27, SIO 352 in English. Mailbag show with Ed Newman, reading letters from Greece, UK, USA, Pakistan and British Columbia, Canada.

    • Havana: RHC 6060 on Mar 12, 1:33, SIO 454 in Spanish. Cuban music then interval signal around :30 mark, then start of show, discussions in Spanish of today’s Cuban elections, heard mention of Raul Castro and Santiago de Cuba, resistance to Trump and how the USA who wants to undermine the election.
    • Havana: China Radio Int’l via Relay, 15700 on Mar 13, 15:46, SIO 454 to 555 in English. Discussion about different school schedules in China and the USA, proposal for later school days in China under consideration.

    • NHK World - Radio JapanIssoudun: NHK Japan via relay 5960 on Mar 12, 3:28, SIO 454 in Japanese. Pop music and then a male voice talking.

    • LOGO: World Christian BroadcastingMahajanga: MWV (Madagascar World Voice/KNLS) 7330 on Mar 12, 3:35, SIO 242. Easy listening/instrumental version of song “Candle in the wind” then female voice in Spanish. Hard to make out.

    • LOGO: Saudi Broadcasting CorporationRiyadh: Radio Saudi 15435 on Mar 13, 16:13, SIO 252. Male and female voices. Presumed ID as there are not other Arabic language broadcasts on the schedule.
  • SPAIN:
    • LOGO: REE Radio Exterior de EspanaNoblejas: REE (R. Exterior de Espana) 9690 on Mar 12, 22:35 (Corrected later from inaccurate record of 10:35). SIO 354. Spanish talking between English music — The next 25 minutes has the male DJ giving brief comments, then playing songs from the amazing 1999 69 Love Songs album by The Magnetic Fields. Songs I heard were: “I don’t believe in the sun,” “A chicken with its head cut off,” “All my little words,” “Book of Love,” “Come back from San Francisco,” “I think I need a new heart” and “Sweet lovin’ man.” So thrilling to hearing album on shortwave, one of my all time favorites. Interval signal at the top of the hour and then station ID. — Also confirmed ID via webstream  which lagged about 45 seconds behind OTA reception.

  • USA:
      • California
        • LOGO: Voice of Hope World Radio NetworkRancho Simi, CA KVOH 17775 on Mar 13m 15:58. SIO 252 to 454 in Spanish. Religious song, then station ID in English at top of the hour, then back to Spanish with male and female voices. Propagation is fluctuating a lot. Later at 16:10 male preacher speaking about the authority of Jesus Christ in the church at this point SIO 555.
      • Florida
      • North Carolina:
        • LOGO: Radio MartiGreenville, NC: Radio Marti 7355 on Mar 12, 3:38, SIO 534 in Spanish. Discussing today’s Cuban election, reporting on alleged arbitrary arrests and the need for “progreso democratico.” Some QRM from Cuban jamming in the background.
        • Greenville, NC: Radio Marti 13820 on Mar 13, 15:49, SIO 454 in Spanish. Political commentary, no QRM from jamming.

    • Oklahoma
    • Tennessee
      • LOGO: WWCRNashville, TN: WWCR 3215 on Mar 8, 2:56, SIO 353 – Religious talk, didn’t stick around to hear more. I much prefer their old-time country music.

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