Today’s Stats: 105 balls hit (80 at Top Golf, 25 at OSU-OKC Course)
Monthly Stats: 2350 balls hit in July 2017
Annual Stats: 5886 balls hit since June 1, 2017


Morning – I went to Top Golf. It was hot but better than it has been. I hit 80 balls, mostly trying to get better reads on the range of each of the clubs in my bag.

Afternoon – I went to the 5-hole golf course on the campus of OSU-OKC.

The green fees for non-students/wellness center members is $5, which sounded like a bargain until I got onto the course. I was at least told by the staff that holes #4 & 5 were closed, but I was not told that the rest of the course has been almost entirely neglected and that there is almost no signage to speak of at all to explain where to go, and the score card was little help either, with only tiny maps of each hole, but not orientation map to show where the tees and greens are, in relationship to those for other holes.

I went ahead and hit 25 balls, but I later learned I was completely off on the tee locations so I’m not going to bother trying to track what was the score for which hole.

Looking online I’ve learned that this once was a really beautiful course.

Here’s a course map I found online at the website for OSU-OKC’s Turf Management Training Program:

osuokc-golfcourse map

And here’s a virtual 360 degree tour of the course from a few years ago:

I know that in the big picture this is not a major deal in Oklahoma education, but I also can’t see how OSU-OKC can still have a Turf Management Program in its curriculum with the course looking this bad. I also don’t understand the rationale of spending so much money to build and maintain a nice course for so long, but now letting it get so bad.

That said, this is the hottest and most severe time of the summer. Maybe things will look better in the fall.