For any local amateur radio operators, you have a chance to get chaser credit in the ARRL’s National Parks on the Air Contest. Best of all you can get credit by only using 2 meter simplex, so even technician class operators with limited voice HF privileges can participate…

Here are all of the details:

ARRL NPOTA ACTIVATION OF OKC NATIONAL MEMORIAL: I will be activating backpacker/portable/ QRP (as allowed in arrangements with security) on 2 meters FM simplex. All are welcome to participate but I’m especially hoping to make lots of contacts with local technician class operators.

The activation will happen tomorrow (Wed, Feb 17) from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. CST or 17:30-19:00 UTC.

I will be working 147.420 mhz and 147.440 mhz but also may do some 70 cm (FM simplex) and maybe 10-20 meters SSB.

More details on day of, at my qrz page and at

To learn more about the OKC National Memorial and its important message about the terrible impact of violence, please visit:

And thanks to the Mid-Del Amateur Radio Club‚Äč for making the arrangements to let local hams participate in NPOTA from the OKC National Memorial Park!