For any of my friends who are curious about what all of the fuss about SWL (shortwave radio listening), I have an amazing link to share…
This link is to server that allows the public to listen to a short wave radio receiver located at the University of Twente in the Netherlands… but not only that but also allows the public to effectively control the tuning knob!!!

Scientifically/technologically this project is pretty amazing, as the receiver pulls in all of the single for a massive stretch of bandwidth, but then through software allow each user to control not only what little segment of the radio spectrum they will be hearing but also what modes of modulation will the radio signals be translated through – AM, FM, sideband (both upper or lower), and even good ol’ CW (Morse code).

Screenshot from 2015-09-21 13:35:36
Much more I will say about this, but for now I will just say it is pretty stinking cool to listen to a radio receiver in europe, from the usa.