Few of my regular readers know this, but one of my hobbies/obsessions is philately (aka stamp collecting).
I’ve collected off and on since childhood (mostly thanks to my paternal grandpa, who got me hooked by giving me duplicate stamps from his collection). My collecting interests are pretty varied, but I do focus on used stamps. I collect used partly because they are free/cheap to obtain, but also because I like the idea of knowing that my stamps have traveled long distances before I got them.
My collection is organized by country. My largest country collections are: United States, Canada (my Canadian stamps are displayed in an a really cool album I bought from stamp shop in Toronto a few years ago), Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and Cuba, but I have a fair assortment from around the world (with the highest number coming from Europe and Latin America).
I’ll be writing more in future about philatelic subjects, so consider yourself warned.
Also here’s a hint on what I’ll be writing about soon… Hobbyist’s Local Posts (from Wikipedia)