I’ve made a painful decision this week, that I need to find a new home for one of my dogs, Gypsy (a boxer mix).
Why I’ve decided to find her a new home:
I know many will want to know why I’m wanting to get rid of her (because you may rightfully assume she must be a troubled dog). Please take my word for it, but to use that old line, “It’s not her, it’s me.”

The reasons are that I’m going to have to be on the road a lot this coming year, and I can only easily travel with one dog in the car (my wirehaired dauchsund Gitli does best for traveling). I could sometimes leave her behind and arrange for friends to feed/water her while I’m gone but that is a lot to put on my friends and a dog by herself will get lonesome. I could also board her, but I really can’t afford that ($25+/day for boarding with playtime included), especially for longer trips.

I also am about to move to a fairly small garage apartment. I can have my little dog in at night easily enough, but I think Gypsy would be cramped being in there with us (and I would feel bad leaving her by herself in the yard at night).
What you should know before adopting Gypsy:
Gypsy is a very sweet dog. She was a stray in my neighborhood who I found wandering in my neighborhood without a tag. I took her in (hoping her owner would come and find her) but she later escaped. She came back though a few days later and from them on always stayed pretty close to home, and not long after that really bonded with me and my other dog at the time (Sandy).

Gypsy got all of her shots (rabies, kennel cough, bordatella) pretty recently, but is NOT fixed (as far as I know). She is housebroken and would love to come in at night (especially if you let her sleep in your bed) but also loves to play outside during the day. No ideas as to her age but I think she is still growing, so I’m guessing she might be one year old. She also gets along fairly well with other dogs (at least once she gets to know them) but does not do well with cats.
Gypsy has a very sweet disposition and is quite playful. She is also intensely loyal and loves to spend time with people (especially if you pet her or let her lay on your lap). She would do well in a household with several other dogs or with a person who can give her lots of attention.

If you adopt her, I’ll give you a really nice leash and collar (would cost $25 for both). If I don’t have a chance to get her spayed before she is adopted, I’ll give her adoptive parents $50 to go towards the cost of getting her spayed (low cost options in OKC can be found here or here).
I am looking for a GOOD home for Gypsy. If I don’ t know you in person, please provide at least one reference. You can reach me by phone at 405-476-5620 or by email at jmb@jmbzine.com.