Just wanted to let y’all know that my house hunt is over, as I have a new home (or I should say homes).
My main residence is a room I’m renting in rural Eastern Norman (in Norman city limits but I have a Noble mailing address). So far, I really like the new place. It is in the Cross Timbers, so I’m surrounded by beautiful Post Oaks and Black Jack Oaks. It’s definitely in the country (a good ways from the blacktop down a gravel road), but only 20 minutes or so from the artsy/college town culture of Norman. And best of all, one of my new roommates already has 4 dogs so Sandy has some great pals to hang out with.
My second residence is also a new thing (as of July 4th), it a room I’m renting in a double-wide rented by two dear friends and volunteers with the Under the Hood GI Coffee House in Killeen, TX.
And lastly, I’m going to fix up one room at the farm at Pine Ridge (likely my grandpa’s old office room) to be my little retreat space. The rest of the house I’ll move out of but fix up so my other family and friends can stay out there when they want a little time away.
I’m hoping this new plan will work. Traveling all over creation is just too much for me. I still have a few lingering cases in other locales (New York, North Carolina, etc.) but I’m hoping to wrap them up soon and then just take cases from Oklahoma and Texas.