I let my dues lapse in the Industrial Workers of the World shortly after finishing law school (partly due to poverty and partly due to not being sure if a lawyer could be a wobbly — in other words, is my place of relative privilege as an attorney something that makes me not a worker anymore?), but after talking to the General Secretary of the IWW I’ve decided to reinstate my membership.

My reasons for doing so is that I want to solidify my own commitment to labor justice and to purposefully throw my destiny in with those of the rank and file workers.

I could certainly be a different kind of lawyer (and if I was, I don’t think I could be part of the IWW), but instead I have purposely chosen to identify with workers (in this case, the poor desperate kids who join the Army and who want to be free). And this identification isn’t purely a matter of ideaology, as I don’t make much money doing this.

And I don’t need or want employees (partly because I can’t afford them but mostly because I don’t like the “employer-employee” mindset… I don’t want to be bossed around by anyone else, so I sure don’t want to boss anybody else around) so I think that area doesn’t exclude me from eligibility to be a member of the IWW either.

Anyway hopefully you’ll see more news from the global struggle for labor justice on this blog in the future, as I’ll be getting one of the best labor publications around (The Industrial Worker


An injury to one is an injury to all  Industrial Workers of the World