I don’t have time (due to client needs) to write anything of worth on the issue of the giant Wall-Street bailout that is being considered, but I will say one really obvious thing… 

$700,000,000,000 – Amount of money requested for the bailout (since we have a budget deficit though, the number is much bigger because we must factor in the interest paid to borrow that much money)

305,254,057 – population of the US according to the US Census at the time of this blog post

$2,293.17 – Amount of money per US resident that the bailout will cost (not counting the cost of borrowing the money)

This is insanity. What we need is not a bailout of the rich and powerful but rather a redistribution of wealth from the rich and powerful. Every person on the Forbes 400 List makes at least ONE BILLION DOLLARS. I think we should start with them. It is immoral for any one person to have that much wealth when others don’t have enough.