This is an update to an earlier post
I discovered two very troubling things on the websites of Windsor Hills Baptist church, besides the youth gun giveaway.
1. Their support of racist policies in Israel – I am doubly troubled because Windsor Hills buys into the nutty pro-Israel theology that backs the apartheid of the modern nation of Israel. The church even has a special website ( to promote this wacked out theology), that openly backs the oppression and displacement of the Palestinian people and the protection of the Israeli settlements in Gaza and the West Bank.
2. A video from their 2007 youth conference that includes extreme misogeny, blasphemy, and of course the use of automatic firearms – You can watch the video here. It is extremely troubling, but if you want to skip to the most disturbing parts, here are my notes…
Windsor Hills blasphemy
photo from video posted at

1:00 – makes horribly blasphemous statements about the so-called “Christian” nature of the USA, which teaches the idolatrous idea that being patriotic is the same as being godly
7:03 – an adult demonstrates the use of a fully automatic machine gun (only legal to own with a special registration in the US), then a young boy is allowed to shoot the same weapon
10:50 – besides the old white guys doing a goofy dance, note the troubling image of the statute of liberty on the stage — why does a patriotic symbol belong in a church?
14:58 – extreme misogenistic statements, also note the US flags around the podium
22:50 – The kids are sent out to “save” the folks who live in a lower income apartment complex. The church proudly claims that they had “fifteen salivations, dozens of prospects”
24:10 – more sexist teachings where the young men are encouraged to be ministers (but the girls are absent)
25:45 – lots of crap about the flag that again claims that the flag represents America’s “Christian” heritage

Maybe I’m taking this all too seriously, but ideas matter. I want to make sure that anyone google searches to find out about this youth conference knows there is another side to all of this. The teachings of Jesus are not nationalistic, and they are not militaristic or sexist, unlike the crap that Windsor Hills Baptist Church churns out.