CNN/AP: Do whites need training before parenting black children?

This is about an issue dear to my heart (as 3 of my 5 siblings are adopted). I think the story raises some good issues. Here’s my take on this… Encouraging training to help adoptive parents to understand issues of raising a child of a different race is a good thing, and it certainly a good thing to encourage more adoptive parents to step up of the same race, but I’m worried that adding more requirements for adoption could create barriers to adoption (and I think there are already too many such barriers). It sounds like in this case though, the proposals on the table are more about getting rid of the obstacles to encouraging training, rather than creating more mandates.
I also would argue that if done right, inter-racial adoption can be a very positive thing. Race is important (I agree with those who argue that saying that we are color-blind is naive), but also think it is only one factor in one’s identity. Inter-racial adoptions I think can help to encourage all of us to see that we have much more in common than we think.