Torture tape spurs shock in Alva

ALVA — As a mentally challenged man screamed and pleaded for his torture to end, his attackers held him down, shot him repeatedly with paintball and BB guns, and branded him with searing coat hangers.
“Mommy, mommy,” the victim screamed, to no avail.
His torturers videotaped the episode, with one so proud of his work he listed his own name as the video’s director, producer and star.
. . . According to a police affidavit, Wallace’s father turned in the hourlong video and six mini-DVDs to a state Department of Human Services office, which led to the police investigation.
Orcutt said Jesse Wallace later told police he transferred the video’s contents onto the DVDs and hoped to sell them.
“They wanted to make ‘Jackass’ style video,” Orcutt said, referring to the former cable TV series depicting young men injuring themselves using different methods.
Orcutt said Wallace “didn’t have an answer” for how he planned to sell the videos.
“He hadn’t thought it through, obviously,” Orcutt said.
Orcutt said the abuse of the young autistic man made up 15 to 20 minutes of the video. In other segments, Dahling subjected his “friends” to abuse, which Orcutt conceded could pose a problem if the case goes to trial.
Orcutt said he suspects the video was shot within the past six months. . .

(emphasis added to the quote above is my own)