I got this forwarded to me. It is pretty stunning and shows where some supporters of Kern stand. The parts in bold below are what I thought were particularly problematic…

From: “charliemeadows@peoplepc.com”
To: Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 00:23:07 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: OCPAC e-mail
Members and friends of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee (OCPAC)
ATTENTION !!! For the first time in our 17 plus year existence we are going to do something different for our weekly meeting. For next Wednesday only we will NOT be meeting at our regular restaurant for our meeting. We are going to meet at the State Capitol to participate in the “Rally for Sally.” The rally to support Represent Sally Kern will be held on the first floor rotunda and will begin at 12 noon. However, because of the security checks at the doors, you are urged to be to the Capitol no later than 11:30 a.m., a little earlier if possible. Following the rally (about 20 minutes) as many as can, please go to Italiano’s (about 4900 North Lincoln, on the West side of Lincoln) for lunch and some discussion about the rally. This is a restaurant I have been considering for some time switch to for our weekly meetings.
Thursday a few liberal clergy (I prefer to call them false prophets) showed up at Representative Kern’s office with tape recorder in hand. Of course they were wanting Kern to apologize for her statements. The phoney clergy claimed Kern’s remarks were hurtful. Folks this is a bunch of BS (blue smoke). These people aren’t hurt by Kern’s statements, they want to destroy anyone who speaks out about the perversion of homosexuality. They want to destroy Representative Kern and make an example of her. They want to send a message that anyone who would dare to speak out about their political agenda or lifestyle would get the “Kern treatment.”
Representative Kern had been asked to speak to the College Republicans at UCO on Thursday night. The homosexual supporters were there to harass her. One report I received, a couple of hours ago, by some Kern supporters who were present was that Sally took the high ground as she always does, didn’t back down and simply spoke truth in love. The local NBC affiliate (channel 4) covered the event and allowed Kern to correct a couple of the vicious lies that the homosexuals have spread about Sally and her family. To their credit, channel 4 indicated they had never reported the false allegations in any of their previous reports.
It is obvious the agenda of the homosexual community and their liberal friends is to make life hell for Sally Kern, it is becoming the
definition of harassment. This is getting ready to backfire upon the homosexuals as this is Oklahoma, not a homosexual infested liberal enclave like some parts of the United States.
The Christians in Oklahoma are beginning to be awakened to the hatred of the homosexual community and I predict the good and decent people of Oklahoma will turn out at the ballot box this November to send a strong message for decency. If they do, Sally will be re-elected by a landslide (she drew a Democrat opponent this week). We will also see defeats for Jim Roth, the radical homosexual Corporation Commissioner (also a Democrat and recently appointed by Democrat Governor Henry) and the ultra liberal Democrat State Senator Andrew Rice who is running against Republican U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe.
Rice is not a homosexual, but he is expected to receive a good deal of support from that community, probably because he produced a documentary on the tragedy of the homosexual disease AIDS. This is a disease that used to be called GRIDS (Gay Related Imuno Deficiency Syndrome) before political correctness set in and they changed the name to AIDS.
Representative Sally Kern deserves the support from the decent people of Oklahoma for her truthfulness and bravery in the face of such an onslaught of hate and death threats. I hope everyone will make your best effort to attend the “Rally for Sally.”

First, I like Jim Roth but he is not a “radical.” He is homosexual but who cares. The last time I checked, one’s orientation has nothing to do with the work of the Corporation Commission. (and he is such a bonafide budget hawk, he has had quite a bit of support from Republicans because of his record as the previous Oklahoma County Commissioner)
Second, AIDS is not a “homosexual disease.” I can’t even begin to say how utterly stupid and ignorant this is, but let me assure you that most people with AIDS today are not gay.
Third, despite what Charlie Meadows says here, I don’t hate Sally Kern. I know some people do (based on the comments and emails of some), but I don’t. I do think though that she has behaved in a horrible manner and should resign. End of story. If she wants to be a bigot she has the right to be one, but I don’t want her in a public office as a bigot. Sure she has had some folks express hate to her, but most people are just expressing anger and dismay to her, which is our right to do. If Sally can’t take some honest criticism of her bigotry, then she should resign. I’m glad that folks are speaking out against her and asking pointed questions like they did at UCO.