I just got a call from a sergeant with the US Army recruiting office in Tulsa. He started trying to be all chumy with me and asked if I was still taking classes at Tulsa Community College (who I found out gave them my number, since I took classes from them last year). I asked him if he was a recruiter. He said yes. I told him to take my name off his list as I was a Mennonite and don’t support the military (just for clarity, I support military servicemembers but not the evil institution of the military itself) and from there the conversation took off. By the end, he was telling me how I should be grateful that folks like him gave me my freedom, and I told him that my rights came from God (thats what the Declaration of Independence says, you know that part where “all men are created equal and endowed by their creator…). And then he hung up on me.
Oh the best part was that he said that you have the right change your MOS (military occupational specialty, or you job in the military) at any time! That is a total lie.
Anyway for any Tulsa area folks who want to call this guy and try to talk him out of his work (it seems only fair, since he is calling young people and asking them join the Army’s mission of death), here’s his phone number: