Wired.com: Army Squeezes Soldier Blogs, Maybe to Death

I understand security concerns but the vast overreaching of this new policy is outrageous and is violative of the basic human rights of soldiers who have led to believe that they are putting their lives on the line to protect our freedom.

I hope to God that there are folks out there ready to litigate on behalf of American soldiers whose voices are being silenced. It is the height of irony that those who signed up to “support and defend the Constitution” are in fact modern-day slaves, without the basic human rights that were considered sacred. And I know folks will say I’m overstating the point, but I say the slavery metaphor is quite apt. Soldiers do not own their own bodies, are forced to violate their conscience (just ask the many C.O. applicants who each year have their claims unlawfully denied), and now have no right to speak online or even in written form about the mistreatment they are experiencing. And let’s not even talk about stop-loss and the rampant abuse of so-called military “contracts” that bind the soldier but do not bind the military.

Yeah I am mad as hell, but thank God I’m not in the military and can say it. We (as in all folks who believe in basic human rights) must fight to ensure that the rights of soldiers are respected. It is our right and our duty to speak out for those who now are not able to lawfully speak, for those who the First Amendment supposedly doesn’t apply to anymore.

Danger Room: AP Gets Snowed on Army crackdown on Milblogs

Dangerroom makes a good point. The Army is engaged in the worst form of censorship, prior constraint. This should raise big red flags for anyone who cares about the free press.