case against Landis may be in jeopardy — Possible errors by French laboratory could compromise findings that have threatened U.S. cyclist’s Tour de France victory (thanks to Mennonite Weekly Review for this link)

MSNBC: Lab mishandled Landis’ urine samples — Technicians allowed improper access to alleged Tour de France doper

I’m glad to see the truth is getting out. I never did believe that Floyd was a doper, and I must say that the Tour de France is increasingly becoming a joke. I have nothing against the French in general, but I must say that the French cycling establishment is increasingly hostile towards American cyclists (remember that Lance Armstrong was continually harrassed too). Maybe it is time for the US to create its own bicycling super race to compete with the Tour de France, and for American cyclists to boycott the Tour de France until reforms are made of the drug testing regime.