LA Times: Feud may cast mosque beside swine — A Texas man’s response to a he said-he said dispute with Muslim neighbors: pig races on Friday nights.

MSNBC: Houston suburb in dispute over mosque plan — Some residents object to plan; neighbor threatens to hold pig races Katy Islamic Association’s official website – hate website created by a member of the Katy community — this website is way scary. These folks are super-paranoid racists/religous bigots (a prime example is on this page)

What a sad situation. It definitely speaks volumes as to the fear that is prevalent in America today. Muslims are overall good people. There’s bad apples in every religion, but frankly I think the percentage of bad apples in Islam and Christianity are pretty comparable (in fact, I would rather have a Muslim neighbor than a Christian neighbor, because the Muslims are more likely to be nice people in my experience)

I’m also blown away by how upset folks are getting about this mosque, when Christians build massive buidings all of the time. 11 acres for a building and parking would be about average in the OKC metro for a congregation of 500 folks.

On a sidenote, I find it interesting that the cowards who run the hate website don’t sign their name to it. And if you look them up in whois you’ll find that they have concealed the identity of the domain registrant there as well. Pretty chicken if you ask me. Sounds a lot like how cowardly Klansmen used to wear white hoods to conceal their identities.