Taken from: JMBranum.com campaign website

Here’s the results from the the Oklahoma State Elections Board:

FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE, DISTRICT NO. 99                           30 OF   30
WILLARD LINZY REP 1,166 18.34%
J. M. BRANUM IND 306 4.81%

Also I called the Oklahoma County Elections board and for my home precinct, the results were…

Pittman (D) – 105 or 89%
Branum (I/G) – 8 or 6.8%
Linzy (R) – 5 or 4.2%
(118 total votes cast)

I am quite pleased with these results. Certainly would have loved to have done better, but given the limited time and money I had to work with, I’m glad so many folks voted for me. I’m also really tickled to see the good results in my home precinct as that is an area that did a fair bit of campaigning in (i.e. getting literature out to voters, putting up signs, etc.).

As for my future political plans, I plan to support our new state representative, Anastasia Pittman in working for the betterment of this district and in protecting our basic civil and human rights (particularly in ending the death penalty). If she fights for the good in the way that Rep. Opio Toure did, then she can count one me being a stronger supporter in the future.

If on the other hand, she does not stand up for what is right and good, then I will seriously consider either recruiting someone to run against her or running myself.

Time of course will tell what will happen, but I of course am hoping that she meets the test.

I also want to say thank you to all who supported me in this, especially to my friends Huti and Jean (who came out from Muskogee several times to help me campaign), Randy (who faithfully came to many of my public appearances), to the Green Party (for their financial support and encouragement), to Lance & Ashley (for hosting my watch party), to my friend Kimberly (for encouraging me to do the campaign when it still seemed like a crazy idea), to local bloggers and press for telling folks about my campaign, and most of all to my dear friend Rachel who was my trusted campaign advisor and showed me so much encouragement and support through this campaign.