Here are my current top 10 out of the 48 beer reviews I’ve authored at

#1- New Belguim Abbey Belgian Style Ale (4.7 out of 5 stars)
#2 (tied) – Fredericksburg Brewing Company Admiral’s Amber Ale (4.65)
#2 (tied) – Live Oak HefeWeizen (4.65)
#4 (tied)- Schneider & Sohn Aventinus (4.45)
#4 (tied) – Abita Turbodog (4.45)
#6 – Fredericksburg Brewing Co. Pioneer Porter (4.35)
#7- New Belguim Fat Tire Amber Ale (4.3)
#8 – Bridgeport IPA (4.25)
#9 (tied) Duvel Maredsous 8 (4.2)
#9 (tied) Rogue Ales Mocha Porter (4.2)

A few points are worth noting. I rate the beers based on a combination of how much I enjoy the beer, tempered with how well the beer stacks up against others of the same style and price range, so that is why some beers are ranked much higher than you might expect (Abita Turbodog is ranked super high because it is so, so good for its price range, however if price was no consideration then it probably would probably rank only in the top 20 or so).

Also my reviews are based on the beer I’m drinking on the night of the review. Aventinus often would score close to 5.0, but the particular bottle I drank when I wrote the review wasn’t as incredible as normal which was why it only got a 4.45. I will of course review it again on another night (and i hope it does much better), but objective reviewing requires that I review the beer in front of me.

On another note though, it is interesting to me to see the top 10 beers I had listed back on August 12th. Of the prior top 10, the ones that got bumped were a stout from Bridgeport, a pale ale from Fredericksburg, 2 beers from Spoetzl brewery (makers of Shiner Bock), and one dark beer from Crescent City Brew House in New Orleans. All of them are rather good beers.