My life has been busy lately with a lot of things that I think are far more important than the joke that is Oklahoma electoral politics, nevertheless, I find it hard to ignore the mess completely, so here are my recommendations for who to vote for in the upcoming elections…

Governor – LEAVE IT BLANK. Istook & Henry are both tools of the rich and powerful. Istook of course is aligned with the neocons, while Henry is a liar when it comes to the death penalty. I don’t see any reason to vote for either of them. I understand the logic of the “lesser of two evils,” but in this case I see no positive reason to vote for the Democrat. Brad Henry is a horrible governor, worse even than his predecessor Frank Keating (who ranked among the worst in our state’s history).

The only good vote for Governor is a blank vote in my eyes.

Lt. Governor – There are some compelling arguments (mostly put out by OKIES) about the wisdom of voting independent, but I’m not a big of Independent E.Z. Million, seems to have no platform except changing where the OU-Texas game is played. (and not that it is that big a deal, but who in their right mind would want to change one of the biggest rivalries in college football? Playing it in Dallas with a 50/50 split in the stands makes for a great game.)

With regards to Democrat Jari Askins, I’m troubled by the fact that she has so little substance on her website, did not respond to the Project Vote Smart Questionaire, and gave lame and politically slick answers to the League of Women Voters’ Questionaire. Maybe I’ll vote for her, but I need to find out where she stands on the death penalty first (particularly since according to Wikipedia, she once was on the Pardon & Parole Board and is endorsed by the F.O.P. (which usually is not a good sign)

US Congress – I like all of the Democratic party candidates (to varying degrees) except for Dan Boren. I don’t support Boren because he is agressively pro-war and voted for BARF (Bankruptcy Abuse Reform Fiasco). Maybe he is worth voting for, for the sake of the Democratic majority, but that is the only possible reason I can think of why one should vote for him.

Other State races – I’m not a fan of the Republican or Democrat in the state-wide offices (Auditors, AG, etc.). Maybe I’ll be sold on these folks between now and election day, but right now I’m undecided. (And while I like Atty General Edmonson going after corporate polluters, I can’t back him because of his zealous pro-death penalty stance)

State Legislative – In my neighborhood, I’m proud to support Andrew Rice for State Senate and Jim Roth for County Commissioner. And of course I plan to vote for myself for State Representative.

I’ll post thoughts on the state questions later.