This is an update to earlier post.

This afternoon (well it’s after midnight now, so I should say yesterday on Tuesday the 12th) I walked to the Oklahoma Bar Association where I signed my affirmation of the oath of an attorney. I’ll go back on Thursday to pick up my bar card, but as I understand it I was admitted once I signed the oath (woohoo!!!).

It definitely feels like a milestone, and it was a perfect afternoon for such a milestone. It was a goregous day, unseasaonbly cool, so I had a delightful walk back and of course, I smoked a cigar to celebrate, a Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva Ascot with the maduro wrapper. (and tonight I’m enjoying a Guiness Extra Stout, which by the way is way, way better than the vapidly flavorless Guiness Draught that comes in the black can)

There’s a lot still to come, but things are moving forward pretty well. My dad’s law firm gave me a raise (another woohoo!) so I’ll be working for him about 20 hours a week doing consumer bankruptcy law and I’m hoping to quickly build up my solo practice doing military/GI rights law (my new website for this work is at: