Updated July 30, 2006, 11:30 a.m.

Reprinted from: OKobjector.org

Columbia Missourian: Sincere disapproval — Army Reservist Jake Malloy said his religious beliefs prohibited him from taking up arms. His commander, an evangelical pastor, didn’t think his claim was a legitimate one. – by Leah Lohse

This article is a follow-up story about Jake Malloy, a former soldier from Ft. Sill who was unlawfully denied his right to be recognized as a conscientious objector by the US military.

The story itself is stunning, particularly in seeing the degree that the Army violated its own regulations and Malloy’s civil rights in the handling of this case.

But more significantly, the story is worth reading to see how Jake stood firm even in the midst of unlawful persecution. It is inspiring and a reminder that everyone is capable of doing great things.

(BTW, you can read Jakes’s blog here.