MSNBC/Reuters: Thousands mourn Tiananmen 17th anniversary — Hong Kong demonstrators mark crushing of 1989 student protests in China

Today is a meaningful day to me, first and foremost because it is the 17th anniversay of the Tianenmen Square Massacre. The tragic point in history happened when I was in junior high and its memory has shaped my way of seeing the world ever since. It is hard to believe how much time has passed and even harder to believe that the survivors of the brave student protesters are in their late 30’s now. I do hope and pray that someday their dreams would be fulfilled and that China would cast off the chains of oppression.

Unfortunately things look pretty dark right now. The tyrants that govern the country have discovered the “genius” of capitalism as a means of pacifying the middle class so that folks are too busy with the rat race to realize they have no freedom, so it sure looks to me the real hope for China will come from the peasant class.

Anyway besides the anniversary, today is also my last day of my twenties as I turn 30 tomorrow. So much has happened in the last 10 years that it really is hard to understand it all, but it definitely feels like a milestone.