Duncan Banner: Closing for Halliburton meeting

. . . Duncan Middle School, directly across the street from the center, has canceled classes because of safety concerns, and the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center next door to the north has decided to close for the day, also.

“I can assure you that someone will be keeping an eye on the museum,” Director Bill Benson said.

Meanwhile, police Patrol Captain Rick Lang assured that security personnel will be ready, which will include assistance from the Highway Patrol and the Sheriff’s Department.

“We want to keep the demonstration as peaceful and organized as possible,” Lang said.

He added that while only one demonstration permit was issued to a single group, other protesters might join the group under the same permit.

Duncan Police will also provide escort for the shareholders to and from the airport.

Lang said he would be monitoring protest group Web sites until the meeting day arrives. . .

BTW, for those interested here is protest announcement from OKIMC.org.
This borders on being downright absurd. Why in the world would they cancel school just because of what I think will be fairly small number of protesters? (300 is what the permit is for) I know Halliburton is big business for Duncan (and I’m very sensitive to the concerns of a small town in wanting to show support to their biggest employer), but even so this is way overkill.