FaulkforMayor.com – Paul Faulk, racist candidate for mayor’s website

Rule Of Law: All politicians should have high regard for the rule of law. I don’s see how local politicians exhibit such regard when they drive by constructions sites around Tulsa and see few whites and blacks on the job. Knowing full well that probably half of the workers on the sites are illegal aliens. The politicians have to pretend they see nothing, hear nothing and know nothing. Selective law enforcement must stop. It breeds contempt for the law, by both the lawbreaker and the law-abiding citizen.

Hmm… I think it is interesting that Ben Faulk assumes that hispanic construction workers must be undocumented, and in fact I think it is straight up racist to make such an assumption. And looking at the rest of his campaign website, I’m struck by how fearful this man is and how fearful so many people have become. Once upon a time, America was a nation that welcomed hard-working immigrants and saw diversity as strength. In fact, the odds are (looking at Ben Faulk’s skin color) that at least some of his ancestors were once immigrants. Why is that Americans today are so quit to shut the door that their own ancestors walked through?