I had hoped last fall that I could be down in NOLA for Mardi Gras this year but as you can see it didn’t work out. I am very glad though that the party is going on. I’m not Catholic or a Louisianan, but for some time I’ve felt a kinship with them, mostly in their celebration of life and death (sorta reminds me of the Dia de los muertes in Mexico too).

As far as Lent goes, it is interesting to me that the day I’m taking off for my trip (Wednesday) is the first day of Lent. It seems appropriate for a pilgrimage of sorts to begin this journey as Lent begins. I hope though that I can find a way to continue the journey spiritually after I come back. I so badly yearn for a sense of connection with the divine. My life seems so out-of-sorts right now, and I think in large part is because my spiritual life has been neglected too much.