This is an update to an earlier JMBzine post

In light of the racist expulsion of Latino leader Ed Romo from a state capitol press conference, I thought it might be worthwhile to find out more about the bill that was being discussed by Rep. Terrill.

Here it is : HB 3119

Quite a bit in the bill is disturbing. Here are a few tidbits…

Any agency, school or institution that issues identification documents, pursuant to paragraph 3 or 4 of subsection A of this section, shall report in writing to the Attorney General of this state and to the United States Department of Homeland Security or any other federal office or agency designated for immigration law enforcement by the United States Department of Homeland Security, the name of any person subject to the provisions of this section who has failed to provide proof of lawful presence in the United States.

There’s a little problem here called federalism. The US Constituiton makes the states co-sovereigns with the federal government. This bill would make Oklahoma a mere agency of the federal fascist law enforcement regime.

Applicants for voter registration shall submit evidence of United States citizenship with all applications in accordance with Section 5 of this act and procedures prescribed by the Secretary of the State Election Board. Any application for voter registration shall be rejected if evidence of citizenship is not included with the application.

. . . E. Any person who is registered to vote in this state prior to June 1, 2006, is deemed to have provided satisfactory evidence of citizenship and shall not be required to resubmit evidence of citizenship unless the person is registering in another county.

Hmm… what does this remind you of? You got it, the Grandfather Clause!